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Welcome to Chinnor Indian Cuisine, here’s a small introduction about our establishment.

Located within the quiet south Oxfordshire village of Chinnor, is our remarkable restaurant which features only the very best of Indian Cuisine.

Chinnor gives us the perfect opportunity to share our passion for good food and knowledge of flavours and spices with our customers. We try our very best to make all our customers feel like at home because it is very important to feel relaxed and happy when you are out, whether with family or friends.

Our menu features a wide range of cooking styles and dishes reflecting the diverse cuisine of the Indian sub-continent, a carefully chosen wine list compliments the interesting menu.

All our dishes are meticulously prepared in an authentic Indian home-style where we use only natural spices and ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial colourings.  This results in many lean, low in fat and healthy delectable dishes.

Our enthusiastic professional staff will always be on hand to help you from the menu to suit your particular taste.

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